fruit & coconut natural muesli


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If your little one doesn't dig muesli, this is the solution you've sought. They'll be digging their spoons into this blend in no time. Yes, we tested it on kids, and they really and truly love it.

Vibrant with colours, this gorgeous natural muesli takes kids to fruitopia with five dried fruits (including Australia's finest sultanas).

This naturally sweet, bran-free muesli is a big favourite with kids and an ideal choice for those keen to be nut-free.

Each of its eight ingredients brings unique nutritional qualities.

What's inside?

35% fruit - apples, apricots, coconut, cranberries, currants and sultanas.

65% cereals - rolled and quick oats.

Why eat this?



500 g = 16.7 serves.

1 kg = 33.3 serves.

3 kg = 100 serves (hospitality only).