gluten-free natural muesli


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About 1% of Australians are coeliac. Yet Coeliac Australia estimates more than 20% of the population go undiagnosed. This means thousands of people unknowingly suffer from an auto-immune disease. Fortunately, it can be completely managed by diet. And this natural muesli is a great place to start!

With my husband, two god-children and three friends all coeliac, I was on a personal quest to create a delicious and nutritious breakfast that was low GI, high fibre and gluten-free. The result is approved by Coeliac Australia. Rigorous annual testing ensures we meet their best-practice standards, so we carry the logo with pride.

This natural muesli combines generous portions of nuts and seeds. Unlike many other gluten-free mueslis, ours isn't prepared with oil, honey or sugar. And the best news? You needn't be coeliac to enjoy it!

What's inside?

18% fruit - apricots, coconut and cranberries.

37% nuts and seeds - almonds, pecans, buckwheat and pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds.

45% cereals - amaranth, rice bran sticks, brown rice flakes and rice puffs.

Why eat this?



75 g = 1.5 serves.

450 g = 9 serves.

900 g = 18 serves.

2.7 kg = 54 serves (hospitality only).