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I’ve got six blends and I’m sure you will find one (or more!) that you will love. Each blend is not simply a different flavour. Each blend has its own unique nutritional benefit. So whether you are looking for a gluten-free blend, a blend that’s fruit free or one that packs a protein punch, one for the kids, or a magnificent porridge – I’ve got it covered.

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fruit, nuts & seeds natural muesli

Fruit, nuts & seeds natural muesli

For those who want it all! (And who doesn’t?) This blend is made of 35% fruit, nuts and seeds combined with super smooth Australian oats, oat bran and amaranth. This was one of the first three natural mueslis I released in 2006, and this recipe remains unchanged because it's so popular. Don’t look into a bowl of boring when your breakfast could be bejewelled with 11 delicious and nutritious ingredients like zingy cranberries and sweet, colourful apricots. Want more info?

nuts & seeds natural muesli

Nuts & seeds natural muesli

For those who are nuts about nutrition, this super-crunchy blend packs a protein punch and is high in omega-3s. People who are trying to avoid sugars and dried fruits love this one but I love it because of the seven different nuts & seeds including Brazil nuts, almonds, pecans, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, chia and linseeds. Most mueslis are an expensive bowl of oats because they include little of the good stuff. Not mine! I don’t skimp and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Want more info?

fruit & coconut natural muesli

Fruit & coconut natural muesli

Designed for kids and road-tested on numerous animals small creatures including my own, this child-friendly natural muesli features the most popular dried fruits. It tastes naturally sweet and the shredded coconut gives it a lovely texture. Coconut is also fantastic for digestion.

A combination of super-smooth rolled and quick oats makes this blend easy on young tummies. You can soak it overnight in milk for an even smoother texture. While this blend is really popular with kids, it turns out that people who were turned off muesli because of the ‘chewiness’ love this smooth texture. Want more info?

gluten-free natural muesli

Gluten-free natural muesli

I created this blend for my husband, a Coeliac, but it had to pass the taste test for those who choose to eat gluten-free products. This blend, with crunchy rice flakes, brown rice puffs, buckwheat, coconut, apricots, almonds and 7 other ingredients contains 55% fruit, nuts & seeds. Now that’s a mouthful! This blend carries Coeliac Australia's seal of approval for best-practice standards. Want more info?

five-grain porridge

Five-grain porridge

This year-round winner makes perfect porridge for winter and a brilliant Bircher base for summer. It combines five different wholegrains (including the heirloom variety, spelt) for a nutty taste and texture. Want more info?

honey-roasted muesli crumble

Honey-roasted muesli crumble

This blend, with rose petals and seven aromatic spices, is slow roasted in Australian bush honey to create a most delicious crumble. For breakfast, serve this with fresh seasonal berries and icy cold milk. It also works beautifully as a parfait with apple purée and yogurt. For a dreamy dessert crumble, sprinkle over poached fruits with a dollop of yogurt, cream or ice cream. (This also makes a great midnight snack after a night on the town.) Want more info?